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Our NDIS plan managers at Excellence Plan Management are specialists in both finance and the NDIS. We are here to provide you with the best NDIS plan management services to ensure you stay on top of your NDIS budget, pay your service providers quickly on your behalf, maintain accurate records and offer you with a highly-responsive & personalised service for all of your NDIS related queries.

By opting for our NDIS plan management, you can be rest assured that the participant’s NDIS journey will be hassle-free, so that they have access to all resources to live as independently as possible. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that the NDIS funding of your loved ones are being managed by a team of compassionate experts.

Service: Plan Management

What is Plan Management?

NDIS plan management services involve the management of every aspect of your NDIS plan. Having to juggle between managing your plan and achieving your goals as an NDIS participant is in no way an easy task, and it often ends up bringing down your overall level of comfort.

But a plan manager makes this path a lot easier by taking over the task of budget management, provider management and providing you with ample space and time to focus on your goals.

As your plan managers, we will help you connect with a suitable plan manager, help manage your budget, ensure timely invoice payments, offer provider management services and also keep you up-to-date regarding all the proceedings related to your plan.

Plan management involves managing your budget but would never mean a professional taking control over how your funds are spent. You will exercise your choice and control and your NDIS plan will always proceed in the direction that you wish. We will only give you recommendations regarding efficient management of your funds and help gather the kind of financial stability that will allow you to walk on the path that you have chosen for yourself as an NDIS participant. Also, as your plan managers, we will help you develop budget and plan management skills as it aligns with the NDIS vision of helping all the participants lead an independent and self-reliant life.

Services Our NDIS Plan Managers Offer

A plan manager from Excellence Plan Management would help you with not one way but several services to enhance the overall standard of your life as an NDIS participant.

Our NDIS plan management services cover everything related to your NDIS funds and more.

  • We monitor your funds throughout to ensure that you make the best out of your allotted funds. With us, you will never engage in underspending or overspending but just in the optimum utilisation of your funds.
  • We will teach you how to self manage your plan and help enhance your financial and plan management to help you grow into self-sufficient individuals.
  • We will timely process your claims and pay your NDIS service providers to ensure a satisfactory experience for both parties involved.
  • We will ensure that your service providers never charge you more than the price card set by the NDIS and in case that happens, we will liaise with your provider and sort out the issue without you having to interfere.
  • As your plan managers, we would want to secure for you only the best NDIS experience and therefore help you connect with the best service providers in your area and tailor the perfect NDIS plan that best meets your goals and requirements.
  • We offer greater budget oversight and give you regular NDIS plan budget reports to ensure that you are always the one in control of your plan and have proper knowledge regarding how your money is spent.

Why Choose Our NDIS Plan Managers?

Once you choose Excellence Plan Management as your NDIS plan manager and entrust us with the responsibility of managing your budget, the next step is to create a service agreement. A service agreement is covered by the Australian Consumer Law and properly outlines the nature of the engagement between an NDIS participant and their chosen NDIS plan management services provider.

This agreement will be signed by both of us for the sake of transparency and it will ensure that our rights are protected by the law till the end of our collective journey.

The service agreement that you will sign with us will outline some basic points like:

  • The services to be provided.
  • How these services will be provided.
  • How long they will be your plan manager.

If this service agreement is violated by any of us, they will be held accountable by the law.

Choose us for:

  • 100% transparency with no hidden costs to you
  • Access to plan management specialists
  • Benefit from client-centred approach
  • Secure and prompt payments to providers on your behalf
  • Assistance with budgeting
  • Automated monthly statements

How Do I Switch to Excellence Plan Management?

In case you find the services of your current plan manager unsatisfactory you can choose to switch to us for the better management of your NDIS plan. At no point could your existing plan manager limit you from making this choice even mid plan as NDIS gives you complete control of your plan. So, the moment you make this choice and decide to come to us, inform your existing plan manager regarding the same and they will provide you with all the information regarding your plan and help you proceed with the switch. The rest would be taken care of by us. We will ensure that you have a smooth transition and it doesn’t cause you inconveniences of any kind.

So, in case you are looking to switch to better or find a plan manager for yourself, get in touch with us at Excellence Plan Management and avail the services of a reliable, and expert plan manager.

FAQs on our NDIS Plan Management Services

How to find a plan manager?

You can find a plan manager either from a local area coordinator or from your support coordinator. Alternatively, you search one from Google or use the ‘Provider Finder Tool’ on the NDIS website.

How much does NDIS plan management cost?

Your NDIS plan management is paid for by a specific funding that is included in your NDIS plan covering plan management services. There is no personal cost to you, and no other funding in your plan is affected by it.

Will my plan manager keep me updated on my funding balance?

Once you opt for our NDIS plan management services, you’ll be provided with an automated monthly budget statement that will provide you with the detailed invoices, budget balances, and invoices that have been processed till date, and more. Moreover, at Excellence Plan Management, we also provide all participants with access to a real time budget dashboard, so that their carers can check the balances any time. If you have any concerns, you can call your plan manager and discuss it.

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