We are Excellence Plan Management

A team of experts dedicated to ensuring that as an NDIS participant your funds become the stepping stone towards a safe and growth-oriented life that you have envisioned for yourself.

We are based out of Melbourne but operate throughout Australia through online mode to ensure that each NDIS participant has easy access to the services of a plan manager.

We specialise in the overall management of your NDIS plan starting from creating a workable and efficient budget while allocating funds towards fulfilling every need of yours, managing it through and through to timely paying all your service providers and ensuring that the services that you have opted for aligns with your needs and goals.

What we aim at is the optimal utilisation of your funds and we fulfil it by bringing to you the aid of experts who are financially proficient and are versed in everything related to NDIS.

Our Values

Catering to the plan management needs of NDIS participants across Australia we are Excellence Plan Management a name that you can rely on for holistic assistance as an NDIS participant.

Our is a team of Experienced Professionals

Who have all the skills required to make way for the efficient management of your NDIS plan.

They target each and every individual aspect of your plan through personalised support and ensure that the services that you have availed of become catalysts to your growth and development.

Through our expert support, you will connect with the best service providers and throughout your NDIS journey, we will ensure that their services contribute towards not just your safety but also help you lead an empowering life.

So, with our assistance, you can always rest assured that your funds are optimally utilised, always directed towards your growth and focus on fulfilling your long-term and short-term goals without money or the management of your plan ever being a cause of worry.

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