Looking For Best NDIS Plan Management in Melbourne?

We offer specialist NDIS plan managers in Melbourne. With Excellence Plan Management, you can optimise your NDIS funding through a personalised and responsive plan management service that enables the participants to maximise the benefits of their NDIS plan.

Our plan managers will help you to ensure the funds are properly allocated to the NDIS participants by acting as a financial intermediary between the service provider, the NDIS and the client. It is done by optimising the plan in a way where participants get the maximum benefit, pay bills on the behalf of participants and make sure the services claimed are within the territory of NDIS price guidelines.

About Us

Catering to the plan management needs of NDIS

As an NDIS participant, plan management Melbourne is a name that you can rely on for holistic assistance. Efficient management of your NDIS funds ensures that you get to reap the maximum benefits out of your NDIS plan and this is what we will help you achieve as your plan managers in Australia.

We don’t limit ourselves to just taking care of your immediate financial needs but help you acquire basic financial and budget management skills so as to help you build capacity and become self-sufficient individuals capable of leading an independent life.

At every step of your NDIS journey, our plan managers would be there guiding you to adopt the best financial practices, help you create a proper budget and stick to it throughout your plan. As your plan managers, we will help you connect with the best NDIS service providers, liaise with them and make sure that they charge you as per the NDIS price card and offer you satisfactory services that best aligns with your needs. We will also act as your advisors, and help you efficiently allocate your funds towards those services that will contribute to your safety and growth.

So, in short, we will be the ones in charge of ensuring that each and every aspect of your NDIS plan promotes your well being, helps build capacity and lays the foundation for an independent and empowering life.


What We Stand For?

We are a team of plan managers in Melbourne dedicated to ensuring that as an NDIS participant your funds become the stepping stone towards a safe and growth-oriented life that you have envisioned for yourself. Although, we are based out of Melbourne but operate throughout Australia through online mode to ensure that each NDIS participant has easy access to the services of a plan manager.

We specialise in the overall management of your NDIS plan starting from creating a workable and efficient budget while allocating funds towards fulfilling every need of yours, managing it through and through to timely paying all your service providers and ensuring that the services that you have opted for aligns with your needs and goals.

Our Values

Catering to the plan management needs of NDIS participants across Australia, Excellence Plan Management is a name that you can rely on for holistic assistance as an NDIS participant.

What Services Do Our Plan Managers Offer?

When you choose us as your preferred NDIS plan manager in Melbourne, you get:

  • Assistance from NDIS specialists
  • Effective utilisation of your NDIS plan
  • Secure and hassle-free invoice payments
  • No hidden costs added to your plan

Avail of Holistic Financial Assistance with Excellence Plan Management

From the moment you choose to partner with us in your NDIS journey, we will be the kind of partners who will help you with each aspect of your NDIS journey. From the efficient management of your NDIS funds, getting in touch with the best service providers, lodging claims, making timely payments, keeping budget records to ensuring that you get to avail of all the services that you need, everything comes under the purview of our service.

Through our assistance, you will first avail of the fund that you are eligible for and then make sure that it all goes towards the overall betterment of your life without concerns regarding money ever being a burden to you. As your NDIS plan manager in Melbourne, we travel the extra mile and offer end-to-end project management support and help build capacity through adopting basic budget management skills to lead an independent and satisfactory life.

If you are an NDIS service provider, you can reach out to us in case you have any queries regarding NDIS and our experts would be happy to help you out.

Why Choose Us?

There are plenty of convincing reasons to choose Excellence Plan Manager as your reliable NDIS plan manager in Melbourne.

There are plenty of plan managers out there but why would you settle for anything less than the best and enrol for anything less than a perfect NDIS experience.

We operate throughout Australia and that too via online mode, so you can reach us any time as per your convenience and seek immediate assistance.

We are a team of qualified professionals with superior budget management skills and we will use it all to have you covered on the financial front.

Offering leading plan management in Melbourne, our holistic assistance ranges from budget management, invoice payment, to helping the participants lead an empowering existence.

We don’t limit our services to just NDIS participants but extend it to service providers and help them out in case they have any enquiries regarding NDIS.

We ensure that your NDIS service providers adhere to the price limit set by the NDIS and don’t charge you more than anything that you are meant to pay.

We will be there with you throughout your journey, constantly taking feedback on your experience with your chosen NDIS service provider and will help you switch to better if the need be.

Trust in Excellence Plan Management and rest assured that money will never be a factor that compromises your overall well-being as an NDIS participant.

FAQs on NDIS Plan Management?

How to know if I am eligible under NDIS?

For that, you have to fill-up the NDIS application form after checking the initial eligibility requirements. Once you qualify as an eligible participant, you can get in touch with us for the best NDIS plan management in Melbourne.

How can your NDIS plan management service assist me?

We can help you with –

  • Providing real-time information on your expenditure and budget
  • Provide prompt turnaround of invoice payments
  • Cost-free budget assistance
  • Pay your monthly expenses to NDIS service provider on your behalf

How can I find an NDIS plan manager in Melbourne?

You can find the suitable plan manager through:

  • Local area coordinator/support coordinator
  • Use the provider finder tool from the NDIS website
  • Google search for best plan management in Melbourne

Can I change my NDIS plan manager anytime?

You enjoy complete choice over NDIS Plan Management Services in Melbourne and control under the NDIS, which means you can opt to change your plan manager anytime during the tenure of your NDIS plan. If you want to find out more, call us at 1300 240 860 or mail us at Info@excellenceplanmanagement.com.

Call to Schedule an Appointment NOW

Dial 1300 240 860 to talk to one of our plan managers in Melbourne and discuss your NDIS plan. For any other NDIS-related enquiry, mail us at Info@excellenceplanmanagement.com.

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